Energetic Sales+Marketing team is looking for a strong Business Development Manager with solid technical background.

Here are our expectations:
  • Fluent spoken English. Written English with no mistakes.
  • Thorough understanding of web app development methodology, knowledge of web app internals - what they consist of, what happens in the back end and the front end.
  • Thorough understanding of software development lifecycle.
  • Ability to form a vision for a project based on client's description, and ability to present this vision to the client step by step.
  • Have a good idea on how much a typical project should cost.
  • Our ideal candidate has past experience as a Technical Project Manager or a Developer.
  • Knows from the top of his/her head the difference between React and React Native, what is DNS, what is CDN used for, how to create a website in a quick and easy way, etc.
We propose limitless growth opportunities, coffee and cookies (limitless as well), support from colleagues (almost limitless), great working conditions.

If you are interested, please let us know job@zfort.com.

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